Cyanopoxys are a new, two part, high-performance class of tool. When applied within recommended parameters, the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System delivers unrivaled performance when resolving maintenance, repair, restoration, fabrication, manufacturing, prototyping and survival challenges/tasks. The CoolChem System also delivers versatility in joining, filling or build up applications and is especially effective where high shear or tensile strengths are specified. The system is compatible with virtually all* materials including metals, cast, white and pot metal, wood, particle board, paper, chipboard, cork, carton, masonry products, marble, ceramics, bisque, porcelain, glass, rubber, styrofoam, vinyl, PVC, ABS, polyolfins, butyrates, styrenes, laminates, luran, linoleum, acrylics, polycarbonates, fiberglass, kevlar, composites, synthetic leather, leather, and textiles. Materials can be bonded to themselves or each other. Integrator 75 Cyanopoxy can also be mixed with particulates.


CoolChem declines all responsibility for any damage (including that to third parties) resulting from improper use or application of the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System.

*Low grade recycled plastics, waxed cardboard and some delicate foams are not compatible with CoolChem Cyanopoxy.

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